There is a nice Dutch site with Verhalen in Gebarentaal, 10 stories told in Sign Language of the Netherlands (Nederlandse Gebarentaal, NGT) by Wim Emmerik, Marja Bönker, Tony Bloem, Harm de Vries, Dickson Sint Jago, John van Gelder, Leontien Koenders, Gert Stappenbelt, Gert-Jan de Kleer. They each last about 7 minutes. You’ll need realplayer.

(source Vi-taal)

The stories were part of television show De Gebarenwinkel broadcast by the VPRO from 1989 – 1990. One of the signers, Tony Bloem, is a very active storyteller here in the Netherlands, some of his works are available at Vi-taal. He also translated children’s books into NGT and sells them for a reasonable price on DVD.