Instead of moving to the beat of the music, some Apple genius also patented an idea to have iPod change the beat to your pace of activities. And they filed a couple more patents for good measure. With motion sensing and an accelerometer it could even be respond to .. well, you name the movement. With a little imagination you could have it do the same as a Nintendo Wii remote. Why on earth you would want to is beyond me though.

Will your iPod bring your slippers one day? Or just waggle if it likes the tune?

It won’t be long before my iPod is my intelligent trainer instead of my humble servant:
Me: Playing tunes on the iPod while jogging
iPod: Senses that I am at a faster pace than the beat and turns it up
Me: Hearing the beat go faster I get excited and start a run
iPod: Also quickens, then we run perfect synchrony for a while
Me: Getting tired, slowing down
iPod: Tries to motivate me by keeping the pace high for just a bit longer and shouting “half a minute, Jeroen!”
Me: I go for it and then slow to a crawl
iPod: Shifts the tune to a slower one and we are in harmony for a while
Me: Heartbeat is getting good again
iPod: Notices the heartbeat and starts secretly pumping up the pace again
Me: Follow iPods lead and put in a extra mile
iPod: Tells me “good job! now hit the shower”