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Trading Gestures for Money

News: Australian PM John Howard got caught making risky gestures on the tradefloor, oblivious to the gesture system around him.


Check this real trader gesturing in the crude oil pit, or some more pictures. I wonder, will such nice gesture systems, used by future and stock option traders on the trade floor, vanquish with the advance of computer trading?

In the Netherlands, this already happened. The last of the traders at Euronext to disappear behind a monitor were the option traders, in 2002. In the US, floor traders and specialists are apparently still very active and secretive gesturers. The SEC installed cameras to fight illegal prior knowledge transactions. Such transactions are often preceded by gestural communication between traders with inside knowledge.


It’s the Gestures that Get to You


Dutch Children of a Lesser God


  1. Anonymous

    Hey Amigo,

    wist je dat Honda’s robot Asimo tegenwoordig ook al handsignalen kan herkennen, zelfs hersengolven liggen in zijn bereik?
    Ik wil Asimo wel op de beursvloer hebben, al die voorkennis lijkt me wel wat 😉


  2. Jeroen Arendsen

    Hey Big Al,

    Neuh, dah wisknie van Asimo. Maar hersengolven? Ach, wat moet je ermee? Sommige mensen hebben al geen idee waar een ander het over heeft al spreken ze de taal en horen ze de woorden…

  3. Jeroen Arendsen

    Euronext is getting together with NYSE, perhaps increasing the chance that traders will disappear behind monitors in the US. NYSE CEO Thain dismisses the replacement of specialists with computers though.

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