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What happened to.. Put-That-There

Back in 1980, Richard A. Bolt from MIT wrote Put-that-there:voice and gesture at the graphics interface. It was a pioneering multimodal application that combined speech and gesture recognition. I graduated on a pen and speech interface in 1998. At that time I think everyone in the field of multimodality paid tribute to Bolts work.

Source: original paper (pdf)

The MIT Media Lab, which Bolt helped to found, is a place where the memory of Put-That-There still resides. He doesn’t appear to work there anymore, though his site is kept there. Bolt has written down much of his thoughts on HCI and multimodality here At the Interface… It is not very accessible web info, but if you take the time to read it you will be rewarded with plenty of insights.

So, does anyone know what happened to.. “Put-That-There”? Does it still exist? Is the memory kept alive?


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