Here is a guy called roschler demonstrating how to (learn to) control an i-Sobot, the world’s smallest humanoid robot, with Wii-gestures instead of using a complicated remote control. Because the robot’s routines are mostly gestures you can create commands for them through imitation or iconicity. Probably, actions will often have to be simplified, since I do not expect people will want to make an actual somersault to tell the robot to do that. Also, for certain actions or scripts I imagine that the gestures will become arbitrary and not really intuitive, but probably still easier to use than the alternative RC.

Robot control, another good niche for gesture recognition?

i-SOBOT by ThinkGeek: World’s Smallest Fully Articulated Humanoid Robot
Buy an i-SOBOT at Amazon for about $250
Watch a fight: i-SOBOT vs. Godzilla
More about Robodance, a.k.a. Robosapiens Dance Machine, which can also be used to control WowWee Robots.