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Winx Club Fairy Tales

My daughter L. of four years old asked me for a Winx club magazine in the shop today. Apparently, they are all the rage at het school.

Will Bloom tell you who you are? Check the answers further down.

I started to object, then wavered under her enthusiasm. Luckily, when I opened the first pages I saw a great excuse to buy it: Fairy Bloom tests your personality based on your body language (in Dutch they even call it gebarentaal). It assumes that the way you fidget shows your deeply hidden sides. Is this Freudian psychobabble contemporary folk psychology? I hope it’s just a fairy tale.


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  1. Jeroen Arendsen

    What would this girl from Sierra Leona be dreaming about? Perhaps she is just sad?

  2. Jeroen Arendsen

    Moods can change like the weather, as far as possible in your personality climate, PW said.

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