wrote a column in Woord en Gebaar called ‘Wil ik met mijn computer praten‘ (more). In our Sign Language Recognition project, we try to keep him posted as something of an external conscience (see lecture in workshop ‘Een Mooi Gebaar’. We always rush to explain that signing computers will not replace classroom assistants. They will only add a ‘computer corner’ to a deaf children’s school class. Or it may provide some interactive ‘playful learning’ at home. Nevertheless, worries remain. And if our conscience worries, how shall we ease it?
Update: Trying to ease conscience 1 – Computers that recognize spoken language have not replaced humans. Dictation software did not replace secretaries, it is only used in 2 cases: if you have RSI, or to replace voice recording (that you would have to type out later). Voice command software software did not replace phone receptionists, they replaced ‘for this, press 1. For that, press 2.’