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Classic: Bush’s One-Fingered Victory Salute

Do not take the following politically. I just wanted to add this case to my collection of famous gestures by public speakers caught on camera. George W. Bush is caught giving the finger in what he calls ‘a one-fingered victory salute’. According to‘s D. Kurtzman this happened in Austin during the later months of Bush’s term as Texas governor. That is almost 8 years ago I think. But still people ask me whether I have seen this video. So here it is.

Which victory was Bush ‘celebrating’?


Is sketching gesturing?


Rita Verdonk Pouts her Lips


  1. Judy Mc

    What a class act.How in the world did he ever get elected.

  2. Val D.

    Same way as Clinton.

  3. Donald M.

    He gave that gesture to America for eight full years and we’re suffer a LONG time for where he put this nation and economy!

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